Generic medical devices:

To understand the value of "generic," put documents in place of medical devices. One word processor generically creates any document. Imagine having to develop a new word processor for each new document. This is the current situation in real-time programming.

The key things in are the sheer size of the market ($440 billion by 2018), and the comment that "the industry will need to adapt to a more cost-conscious environment in the developed world" (note that the emerging market will automatically be extremely cost-conscious because of their lower per capita income). Thus the designing of generic medical devices, which is possible using ITOCA, has huge value, most of which is outside the USA. Generic medical devices could appear by 2018, and ultimately take something like a quarter of the market ($110 billion).

Summary of IP value:

What do I offer?

I offer a license agreement, either $250,000 upfront plus royalties, or $2,000,000 for total buyout. I also offer a finder's fee of 15% of upfront payment.

At valuation of 1/10 annual market, that's less than one-tenth cent on the dollar. Why?

All international patent value will vanish unless foreign country applications are funded and paid by April 4, 2015. I wish to make the deal attractive, no matter what kind of accounting is used, and I wish to increase the range of potential partners by lowering the bar to entry.

Lawrence J. Dickson, PhD



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